Privacy policy B&B Aan de Posbank (GDPR)

In Europe, rules about the registration and storage of personal data have applied since 2018. This is laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below you can read for what purpose we register your data, which data these are and which retention periods we use. In all cases, we only register the data for personal use. We only submit the data to supervisory authorities (such as the tax authorities) if requested. We do not provide your data to other (commercial) parties.

With regard to the reservations via the website

The purpose of the registration is to keep track of the bookings, to communicate with the arriving guests and to prevent overbooking. The following information is requested when making a reservation: Name, gender, address, zip code, city, country, language, email address, telephone number, number of adults / children, which room and how many nights. We use the booking site to register the reservations. As a result, the general terms and conditions of apply

With regard to the attendance register

The purpose of the registration is to keep track of the potential attendees in case, for example, a fire should start (for the rescue services) and for the tourist tax. The following data is manually registered on paper at check-in: Name and initials, place of residence, date of arrival and departure, number of people and number of nights, number of ID. We then process the data about the dates and number of persons / nights digitally for the municipal tourist tax. We use the legal retention period of 7 years.